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What's That, Fr. Matt?

The Bunny

Posted by Fr. Matt Oprendek on with 3 Comments

My dog and I were sauntering around the church grounds this week when we saw a young bunny hiding in the side area of the church next to the sacristy door.  When Ella’s hunting instincts kicked in, I quickly had us walk away to avoid frightening the defenseless, little creature.  For me, it was amazing how something SO adorable and beautiful could be tucked away into a very ordinary place, on a very ordinary, summer day.

It made me think about how many other wonderful things are “tucked away” into ordinary places and unremarkable times.  The proud smile of a mother as she watches her daughter read out loud on the subway on the way home from school.  The gentle hand that holds onto an elderly elbow to help someone down the steps. The friend who stays up all night long in the ER “so she wouldn’t be alone while waiting.” 

Ordinary circumstances perhaps, but these small gifts are actually beautiful images for anyone with open eyes. They hint at what is true but not always obvious: that our world is filled with people who give and love and care in amazing ways …  the extraordinary showing up in the midst of the ordinary.

In the midst of the ordinary, I can see the extraordinary. That’s part of what we remember every Sunday morning, as followers of Jesus share a meal with someone who promises to be present.  Right there, God shows up in the midst of it.  But it's not only on Sunday, right?

How often, I wonder, do I miss seeing these everyday God moments because I’m so filled with my own worries and plans and preoccupations that I just don’t take a moment to see the moment?  

That I fail to see in how many ways that I've been blessed?

That I fail to notice how I might "show up" for someone else and create an extraordinary moment in the midst of the ordinary life?  

  • I wonder what might happen if slow down more …
  • I wonder what might happen if I soak up more …
  • I wonder what might happen if I pay attention more … 

It might lead me to be the grateful person I want to be: someone who can see how blessed, how loved, and how beautiful this God-bathed world actually is.  

And THAT would be extraordinary.


Joan July 29, 2016 6:48pm

You have shown up and have created some wonderful moments in our lives. I for one will really miss you, your sincerity and your wonderful way with words. You are a true deciiple of Christ I am so Blessed to have met you.

Julian July 29, 2016 7:57pm

Those wonderful moments are when God shows himself to us. In those little moments, God unfolds himself to us. The love we give is the love God gives.

Dorraine Russin August 1, 2016 10:07am

I have to say being a member of Christ Church family, being my family, in all the years I have been blessed with being part of peoples familes, strangers who took me under their wing and treat me as part of their family, I have made so many friends, watched their children grow, and now watch their grandchildren grow, God has blessed me in so many ways, Matt you coming to Christ Church has brought me to be much more calmer and love and and forgive more. I myself handling 3 jobs sometimes I do not stop and smell the coffee.