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What's Episcopal Anyway?

07.16.15 | About The Episcopal Church | by Matt Oprendek


    The Episcopal Church is a part of a world-wide communion called The Anglican Church. Blending tradition, scripture, and reason, our denomination is respectful of the past and the present.

    Our Faith Tradition

    The Episcopal Church is a Christian faith tradition that welcomes people with questions, people who are unsure of what they believe, and people who want a faith that’s authentic and real, as opposed to a faith that’s imposed on you by other people, telling what you have to believe.

    We honor scripture, our tradition, and our reason to discern how God is speaking to us today.  We also honor one other, as children of God, who are worthy of respect and dignity.  

    We strive for justice among all people, work toward racial reconciliation, and are affirming of our LGBT sisters and brothers, knowing that we are all made in the image of God.  

    To hear some personal stories about people who call the Episcopal Church home, you can click here.

    Our Name

    Episcopal is a fancy word that means "having bishops" -- so yup, we've got a wonderful Bishop who oversees us and gives all of our parishes direction and leadership.  Learn more about our diocese here  Bishop of Long Island

    Our Governing Structure

    As an Episcopal Church, we are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion within the United States.